Hello! With 12th Night approaching quickly its time to go over the heavy tournament that will happen in the morning.

If you haven’t read the schedule, the heavy tournament starts at 10 and runs to 11:30. Armour inspections will be from 9:30 to 10:00. Due to the small window of time we have for the tourney armour inspection time will be FIRM. Meaning: if you are not inspected by 10AM you WILL NOT be allowed to participate in the tournament.

It will be a double elimination Atlantean Speed Tourney. Everyone will be paired off for first round fights. Winners will go to one side and the losers of the first round to the other. Both sides will be paired off within their respective pools for their second round fights. Those in the ‘Loss’ pool that lose again will be out. The tourney will continue until only one fighter remains.

Any questions please feel free to ask.

PLEASE NOTE!! As this is being fought in the Ramada there will be no weapons over 6 feet allowed. Also, no metal knees are allowed as this is a ballroom floor. Other knees will be inspected for sharp edges the morning of the tourney.


I wanted to add a little something to make watching the heavy tournament a bit more… interesting. So, for all those attending (yes even the fighters themselves) I’ve got a side game for you.

Anyone wanting to participate can, for the low prices of a small largesse donation to the Barony of Montengarde, purchase a small stack of gold coins. During the tourney there will be an area for you to congregate in and bet upon the fights that are happening. A few rules to be laid out are as follows:

1) The odds of the bet are to be set between you and the person you are betting with
2) Fighters ARE NOT allowed to bet on fights they are personally involved in.
3) No fight fixing

The person with the largest stack of coins at the end of the tourney will receive a prize.

TighearnĂ¡n Ă“ Cuinn
Montengarde DragonSlayer