Greetings Montengarde!!!!!

A reminder to all that we are still looking for a MoAS (Minister of Arts and Sciences) for our Barony!

What does an MoAS do you ask?

Baronial MoAS’s (along with the Baronial A&S Champion) are responsible for encouraging, and facilitating the Arts and Sciences, within their group and for any Incipient Branches, Cantons, Colleges, and Villages (if any).

Organizing A&S tournaments, classes and displays (again in cooperation with the Baronial A&S Champion).

They write and submit a monthly progress report that is sent to the Branch Seneschal and the Chronicler, for the monthly council meeting,

Attend the monthly council meeting.

Quarterly reports are also written and sent to the Branch Seneschal, and to the Kingdom MOAS.(Baronial MOAS must report on time every quarter.)

***Note*** to former MoAS-ers….have I missed anything in this job description? Please let me know! 😀

Please contact me at if you are interested in this position or would like to have more information!

In service,