Now is the time of year that the days gradually become longer, the weather warmer and the winds sweet and fair…..With those days come great celebration! On the weekend of June 2nd to June 4th, we will gather to show our gratitude and appreciation for the wise and successful reign of Their Royal Majesties, Albrecht and Nasheeta, and to rejoice in the elevation of Avacal’s heirs, Thier Royal Highnesses, Ellias Silver and Kiera Torynsdottir to the Griffin Thrones.



As Event Steward for June Coronation, I am looking for the following volunteers:

  • Set-up coordinator
  • Set-up crew
  • Tear Down coordinator
  • Tear Down crew
  • Merchant coordinator

Please contact me at
if you can help in any way!

In service,

HL Bóthæiðr Sigarsdóttir
Event Steward – Avacal June Coronation