Calling artisans!

We are put out a call for bids for a new set of Baronial Circlets.

-Comfortable to wear, not too heavy. 
-Adjustable sizing. 
-Sturdy enough to travel, and endure regular use over many years. 
-Representative of the Barony of Montengarde, and our position within the Kingdom of Avacal, and the Knowne World. 
-Made of materials appropriate to the medium
-Meets the standards/requirements of a baronial circlet (no strawberry leaves, crenelations, etc.)
-put a bit of yourself into the design

Please submit all bids, including design, budget, and timeline, to their excellencies by e-mail prior to September Council (September 20th). If you are able to attend September Council to present the bid, that would be greatly appreciated, however please still submit by email in advance. Bids can be submitted to excellencies (at) montengarde (dot) org

Peter and Brangwayn 
Freiherr & Freifrau Montengarde