Montengarde’s  Arts  & Sciences championship will be held at Twelfth Night 2018! All artisans and researchers in the barony are encouraged to participate for the chance to represent the barony across the Kingdom of Avacal.


The Champion of Arts & Sciences serves a term of one year, during which time they are expected to encourage participation in the arts and sciences throughout the barony. They may also be called upon to serve Their Excellencies behind the thrones during court. The most important responsibility of the champion is to hold a championship tournament at the following Twelfth Night so that their successor can be selected. Champions must hold a valid SCA membership for the entire year of their service.

Entry Requirements

According to the will of Their Excellencies Peter & Brangwayn, those vying to be Champion will submit:

Two (2) arts and sciences entries, which may include:

  • A research paper on any topic to do with the SCA period (pre-17th century worldwide for the purposes of this championship)***
  • Recipes, foods, or other culinary arts
  • Garments and textiles
  • Materials of warfare
  • Household objects
  • Music and dance
  • Prose and poetry
  • Other entries may be approved at the discretion of Their Excellencies with prior discussion

***There is no page limit to research papers, but they must be submitted to the current champion (Alice Percy) by January 6, 2018, without exception.

All entries must be documentable to the SCA period (or in the case of research papers, must be on a topic related to the SCA period.)

Your documentation may include supporting sources dating from year up to 1650, but you must be reasonably confident and able to demonstrate that the item/project/topic itself existed prior to the year 1600.

Documentation Requirements

Alongside EACH entry, please submit:

  • Documentation for your entry (this should at the very minimum include the “5Ws” with some detail – who, what, when, where, why/how) with reputable sources for your information cited
  • If submitting a research paper, a precis/abstract must be included
  • A short written piece (a few paragraphs at most) on what interests you most or first grabbed you about your chosen project  – Their Excellencies wish to know what makes you passionate and interested in your chosen entry and history in general!

Interested in Vying?

Please inform Their Excellencies and the current champion of your intent to vie prior to December 25, 2017, including information about your two entries.