Orders of Montengarde

Medieval Society had a highly structured hierarchy of Titles & Honours.

The SCA has a similar system except that Titles & Honours are earned rather than inherited.

To recommend someone for an Baronial award, please e-mail their Excellencies

To recommend someone for a Kingdom award, please visit the Avacal website.

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Order of the Brass of the Minotaur

This award has been given out only once per reign.

It is given for extreme tenacity and a drive to go the extra mile against overwhelming odds for the betterment of our game.

Order of the Child of the Minotaur

Given to those who have enriched our Barony and are moving beyond our borders. It is to remind us and all those who have gone before that although they may be distant in body, they will always be Minotaurs at heart.

Order of the Dragon

An order comprised of those that have served one or more terms as a Champion of the Barony in a martial discipline:

Dragonblade –¬†Rapier

Dragonblinder – Archery

Dragonslayer –¬†Armoured Combat

Order of the Emerald Rose

Bestowed upon the former Champions of Arts and Sciences.

Order of the Emissary of the Minotaur’s Chair

This award recognizes outstanding efforts to foster the exchange of culture and idea’s between Montengarde and other shires, baronies, principalities, and kingdoms.

Order Created by Kraig and Una, 9th Baron & Baroness of Montengarde.

Order of the Golden Link of the Minotaur’s Chain

This is awarded to those who’s service to the Barony has been noted and are deserving of acknowledgement of such.

Order of the Heart of the Minotaur

There are those whose Chivalry issues from the heart like water from a well-spring and whose deeds of courtesy are given without thought of recognition or reward.

In the thirty first year of our Society and in the seventeenth year of the Minotaur, Thorwulf and Sapphira, Baron and Baroness of Montengarde, created the Order of the Heart of the Minotaur in recognition of those individuals whose chivalry and gallantry shine as beacons to us all.

The honour to be bestowed upon those worthy of merit based upon the recommendations of the populace of Montengarde.

Order of the Horns of the Minotaur

As the Children of the Minotaur pride themselves on their Martial prowess and their accomplishments on the fields of battle and in celebration of the leadership of Sir Edward Ross, founding Baron of Montengarde, it is ordered that an honour be created in recognition of his dedication to that warrior spirit which has typified this Barony since its founding as a Shire.

The Baronial Order of the Horns of the Minotaur is to be bestowed upon those individuals whose actions on the field best exemplify the pursuit of honour and glory in the name of the Barony of Montengarde and whose actions and leadership we as the populace can take pride in.

Order of the Light of the Labyrinth

The light of the Labyrinth is to recognize the outstand contributions of Montengarde’s youth in all areas and the hope they hold for the future of our game.

Order Created by Kraig and Una, 9th Baron & Baroness of Montengarde.

Order of the Rose Petal

The Rose Petal is the Arts and Science award for the Barony of Montengarde.

Awarded by the Baron and Baroness to those whose creative work in Montengarde has brought renown to the Barony and furthered Arts and Science among the populace.

Members of the Populace and members of the Order nominate new people to join the Order

Order of the Torse of the Minotaur

Given for excellence in research and persona development.

Created by Thorwulf and Sine, 6th Baron & Baroness of Montengarde.

Order of the Wild Rose

The Wild Rose is the title of the Bardic Champion of Montengarde.