Exchequer is a historical term for Treasurer.

The root word “eschequier” is Old French and the modern evolution of the word can be traced to 11th Century Middle English where the spelling was influenced by Latin.

Modern usage comes from an office that the Norman Kings of England established to deal with the Royal revenues. The office was named Exchequer for the checkered tablecloth on which accounts and balances were tracked by means of counters.

The Exchequer Badge (above) is “Azure, a pale checky gules and argent between six bezants in pale three and three” and is intended to resemble the historical checkered cloth and counters.

In modern terms, the Exchequer is the person responsible for fiscal policy oversight & financial reporting for the Barony of Montengarde.


Asa Nordoster (Candace Collett)

Deputy Exchequer

Position Currently Vacant
To discuss volunteering for this office please contact