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Monthly Council Meeting

When: Third Wednesday of each month from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

What: Council Meetings are open to all interested individuals and there is normally socializing at a local pub or restaurant afterwards.

Where: Lower Meeting Room at the North Hill Centre Calgary Co-op

540 - 16th Avenue NE, Calgary 

Cost: None  

Details: The meeting room can be a little hard to find first time out! 

Go to the back corner of the Dairy Aisle, turn left past the washrooms  and go through the set of doors marked "Authorized Personel Only". 

Go down the stairs and just down the hallway that is directly in front of you. 

The meeting room will be the first door on your left after the Staff lockers.

Monthly Tavern Night

When: Fourth Wednesday of every month from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

What: A social evening with friends featuring a mix of dancing, medieval gaming, and arts & sciences.

Tavern is a "in garb" event and Gold Key (loaner costume) is normally available to borrow.

Where: Tuxedo Community Centre

202 - 29th Avenue NE, Calgary

Cost: $3.00 per attendee to cover hall rental fees. First time visitors are welcome to join us at no charge.

Details: Beverages and sometimes food are provided for a nominal cost. Dishware is not provided, please remember to bring your own.

Different Tavern Night themes are sponsored by different SCA interest groups throughout the year; please refer to The Montengarde Tavern Facebook Page for details. 

Please note that due to the Holidays, there is no Tavern Night during the month of December. 

Welcome to The Barony of Montengarde

The Barony of Montengarde (located in Calgary, Alberta) is a member of The Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc (or SCA), an international not-for-profit educational organization dedicated to researching and re-creating the customs, combat and courtesy of the Middle Ages. 

Members get together in various public and private locales both within and without Calgary for practices (martial, dance, arts & sciences, etc.), demonstrations, taverns, feasts, and tournaments. 

If you're not already familiar with the SCA, we invite you to learn more about this international group and our local place within it.

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Key Contacts

To minimize SPAM, eMail addresses on this site are not clickable links. Please feel free to use our eMail Form

The Barony of Montengarde

PO Box 67291

Calgary, AB T2L 2L2

Baron & Baroness

Master Kraig Landenthal & Una Henriksdottir

excellencies <at> montengarde <dot> org


Bjar The Blue

seneschal <at> montengarde <dot> org

Arts & Sciences

Brangwyn the Everpresent

arts-sciences <at> montengarde <dot> org

Branch Marshal

Grioffa Stoneheart

branchmarshal <at> montengarde <dot> org


Peter von Sertzinger

chatelaine <at> montengarde <dot> org


Office Vacant

chronicler <at> montengarde <dot> org

Please contact the Seneschal for more information about this office or to volunteer.

Officer Reports

Please submit your report via eMail no later than the third Saturday (five days prior to Council) of every month.

council.reports <at> montengarde <dot> org

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