Greetings Montengarde!

Two years have flown by, and I find myself looking for a candidate who is interested in taking over the job of Seneschal for Montengarde when I step down this March.

For those wondering what a Seneschal does: “The Seneschal is the legal business representative of The Barony of Montengarde. Seneschals sign all contracts; make sure that things are done pursuant to the restrictions of all modern laws, Corpora, and Kingdom law; work with the Chatelaines to handle all public relations; and normally conduct the monthly business meetings/curia. In modern terms, the Seneschal is the Chairperson of the Board, the Greater* Officers are the Board of Directors, and the Lesser** Officers are the Operations Management Team.”

If you are interested in this position, or perhaps a deputy position to the incoming Seneschal, please send your SCA resume and mundane resume to: TE’s Montengarde, Peter and Bronwyn :, Myself, HL Bóthilðr Sigurðardóttir: and Kingdom Seneschal, Mistress Roxanne Delaroche:

In service,