Arts & Sciences Night


When: Every 2nd & 4th Tuesdays @ Baron/Baroness house

What: Work on your SCA projects and socialize with other like minds.

Where: Location currently at a personal residence in the NW. Please see the Montengarde Arts & Sciences Facebook page for updates.

Cost: None


Artisan Showcase – Monna Caterina

Caterina at her elevation to the Order of the Laurel

Monna Caterina di Alessandro di Guglielmo Franceschi &tc.

A&S Interests
Caterina is Avacal’s newest Laurel (our highest award for arts and sciences) and is a masterful tailor and researcher of textile and social history.  She is particularly interested in 15th-16th century Italian clothing and culture, period keyboard music, and researches on a wide range of topics.

A&S Experience
Caterina has been a participant in the SCA since 1995, residing both in Montengarde and (briefly) in Seagirt, An Tir.

After joining the “Medieval Recreation Club” at the University of Calgary, Monna Caterina was inspired by Mistress Aldreda and her tales of fun and adventure during summer camping events. Over time, she was drawn to the beautiful garments of Renaissance Florence and began intensively researching and recreating them.

Projects in Progress
Caterina is currently working on recreating a set of 16th century sailor’s garments.

Future Projects
Research and garment recreation of Iron Age Tarim Basin cultures, and cooking with Renaissance heat sources.

Student/Teacher Desired
Currently seeking a weaving mentor for future projects; happy to help coach anyone in the barony with the motivation to learn about Renaissance costuming.

Artisan Showcase – Master Ark

Master Ark has provided some words rather than using the standard interview format

I am Master Ark of Ringholden. I am widely known as a jeweller, but in days of yore I was a bard of some renown. My first event was forty years ago in the Outlands which was a principality of Atenveldt at the time.

I adopted the persona of a Saxon merchant and trader when there were no merchants at events. I was introduced to a man outside the SCA who was doing bronze casting and he gave me some wax to make a piece of jewellery and said he would cast it for me. I still sell copies of that piece today! That was the beginning of my career as a Medieval jeweller.

I was elevated to the Peerage of the Laurel in ASXXII. By this time I was attending events throughout the Known World and making my living as an SCA merchant. In ASXXV I was recognized as the Most Medieval Merchant at the Pennsic War.

In ASXXVII I became the King’s Skald for King Olaf BJornnson of the Outlands and received the Cordon Royal from His hand for my bardic service to Him and His court.

In ASXXXV I moved to the Barony of Western Seas in the Kingdom of Caid. While still active in the SCA, my involvement waned until I moved to An Tir. I became active as a merchant again and twenty three years after my first Estrella War I was back for Estrella XXV. I was living in Avacal when it became a kingdom, making it the fourth Kingdom I have lived in.

I have taken one apprentice over the years, Mistress Rosatrude called Shrew. She was laureled less than 24 hours after she became my apprentice. I doubt I can improve on that and I’ve never tried.

I have watched the SCA change over forty years. I have watched children grow up and become kings. I have had a lot of fun and I’ve grown and evolved as a person. I have mourned the deaths of friends and I have grown old in the Society. The young warrior is now an aging merchant. My hands are still making my old designs and creating new pieces, using the same techniques that the Saxons used in the tenth century – the time and place that Ark calls home.

Last year I designed and created pieces for the Glenbow Museum gift shop based on shields in their collection. I am currently working on a series of belt buckles.

In Service to the Dream, I remain
Ark of Ringholden

Artisan Showcase – Morrigan

Morrigan, also known as Bushra al Jaserii bint el Nahr

A&S Interests
Designing period textile patterns using paint, ink and dye. She blockprints high-quality textiles with period and modern ink, paints textiles for clothing, designs medieval patterns for clothing use, paints banners, paints silk, and uses resist prints with natural dyes.

A&S Experience
Perfecting her skill since 2005, she still wears her very first piece of printed clothing.

Unable to find suitable textile motifs for her persona, she began researching the usage of painted and printed textile with emphasis on mid- and near-East cultural usage on fabric and clothing as found on extant kaftans, wall hangings, tiraz bands and talismanic shirts.

Projects in Progress
She would like to print some newer floor cloths for the Baronial pavilion and is looking for volunteers to assist, if there is interest.

Future Projects
Experimentation with stencils, size and gilded leaf burnished into silk to recreate the look of a medieval kaftan in the Topkapi palace.

Student/Teacher Desired
Hopes to to co-teach a class with Countess Brigit of Mercia, Kingdom of Atlantia one day (the founder of the FB group Printed Textiles in the Middle Ages, a study group of SCAdians with over 1600 members – Morrigan co-admins that group.) Morrigan hopes to one day be able to make it to one of the major Known World events she has been asked to instruct at, but hasn’t yet been able to make one!