When: Youth Activities normally take place at Tavern Nights & most local events.

What’s New?

On September 27, 2017, Montengarde will be hosting a Youth Tavern.  In addition to the festivities already being planned by the event team, I will be presenting a craft table for kids to come solve puzzles of their favorite populace badges!

Youth And Family Achievement (YAFA) Program

I am pleased to announce that Avacal has officially begun to roll-out the Youth and Family Achievement (YAFA) Program.  For those of you who are unaware, the YAFA Program was developed by SCA Inc. to encourage participation by families with children and teens in the study of a variety of medieval subjects and activities.  This program will guide and encourage young people and their families in seeking opportunities for involvement in the SCA.  YAFA will aid in the development of the next generation of the Society’s artisans and craftsmen.  It is similar to a merit badge system of participation and learning. The YAFA Program allows participants to move through clearly defined subject requirements at their own pace in a fun and interactive way.  Families can choose the subject-area activities that best suit each youth.  The purpose is not to compete against others, but for participants to challenge themselves to go as far as their perseverance and curiosity will carry them.

The mission of YAFA is to create opportunities for protected youth activities and achievements while respecting, encouraging, supporting, and fostering the culture of individual Kingdoms.  The program is based on a foundation of the arts, chivalry and service, to help encourage values important throughout the Society.  Those youth participants completing their individually chosen areas of study will be eligible to wear tokens of achievement.  As of our last Curia meeting held at September Crown, Avacal has pledged $500.00 towards funding the various tokens required to start-up this program.

I will be working with Master Peregrine as the YAFA Program representative for Montengarde.  We are currently seeking mentors to help conduct the various classes offered in the program.  Mentors will instruct, help, and guide participants in meeting the requirements in each topic, and in becoming aware of the deeper aspects of the subject area through the Mentor’s knowledge and experience.  Mentors will assist participants by planning the assigned projects activities in order to meet the achievement requirements, coach participants through demonstrations on how to do the required skills in the chosen subject area, and to certify the individuals after determining if they have met the requirements for achievement.  Mentors will be recruited from within the Kingdom, based on their professions, interests and service.  They must have more than a working knowledge of the topics they mentor.  They can mentor participants in all age groups, or they can choose to work with those divisions they know they work with the best.  Mentors can choose the number of youth they are mentoring so that it fits into their personal schedule.  As with any involvement with youth, SCA Inc. requires Mentors to successfully complete a background check, and instructional sessions must have at least one other unrelated adult member present at all times.

For more information on the program, or if you are interested in becoming a Mentor, please contact me at youthandfamilyactivities@montengarde.org

Yours in Service,

Lady Asa Nordoster (Candace Collett)

Montengarde Youth and Family Activities Officer